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It's About Reliable Growth

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Data Scientist I am Matej Leban. (pronouced mah-tay) I work with internet-based business owners who want to reliably grow their profits. People who are smart enough to know very little money is made by accident.

I help companies learn from their data, visualize results, and ultimately make better business decisions.

I’ve been passionate about computers, complex systems and technology since I was 7 years old (3 decades ago).

I've worked for a space agency, three governments, a handful of corporations, a dozen of small businesses, and advised hundred plus software entrepreneurs/bootstrappers.

I am a geek with a sweet tooth, tournament chess player, passionate but weak basketball player, and a SaaS aficionado.

In reality ...

I am a theoretical physicist turned software developer turned data scientist. I help companies become more productive, fun, and profitable. I translate data into information, information to insights, and insights into rational decisions.

I believe ...

I want to live in a world where ...

My super power is

to translate heaps of analytics data into clear action steps that will improve your bottom line

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Feel free to email me at hi at 5insights.com